Mark ‘Sutho’ Sutherland

Mark ‘Sutho’ Sutherland’s hilarious, peerless, and quintessentially Aussie Gonad Man comic strip.

The Palm Theatre

The nation’s first solar powered movie theater, San Luis Obispo’s Palm Theater is the only oasis of independent motion pictures screened between Los Angeles and San Francisco


Forget shoddy, fall-apart surfwear togs------Filson has been making bomb-proof outdoor and safari apparel since 1897. Can’t be beat and never goes out of style

Kamanu Composites

Makers of the nimblest and fastest OC-1s {one-man outrigger canoes} in the world. Locally made in Hawaii by a gang of hard-core paddlers.

NOAA Weather Hawaii

Best one-stop, single-page weather resource I have found for Hawaii

George Orwell

Free collection of many of George Orwell’s very best essays. Orwell was, in the eyes of most literati, the finest essayist of the 20th century.

SLO Weather

My go-to weather site for my hometown, San Luis Obispo, California. Cool foggy air is junk for surfing but great for shaping.

Wind Alert

Surfing, paddling, sailing, flying a model airplane -- this wind forecasting app delivers the most accurate real time reports I have found, as well as being uncannily accurate on longer range progs up to 72 hours.


Andrew Kidman

Andrew Kidman’s films and books and surfboard designs are responsible for keeping the retro flame alight through the perilous `90s. But what few people realize is that ‘Skippy’ surfs better than all the blokes he photographs for his films.

The Fremont Theater

The Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo has been at the center of downtown San Luis Obispo since 1942. This gorgeously restored art deco theater offers numerous retrospective film series as well as first-run movies.

Phoenix Books

The last used bookstore standing in San Luis Obispo, California. A terrific place to go spelunking for vintage literature after a hard day’s shaping

Garrett Wade

Maker of first-rate ultra-high-quality tools. Beautiful block planes that will last a thousand years.

US Blanks

The finest and most consistent surfboard foam blanks on the planet, every micron manufactured in the USA, and plugs designed by a dream team of the world’s master shapers.

A splendid online store for the backyarder and surfboard industry professional. Great service even from overseas. Highly recommended

Rusty Surf

Excellent resource for the thinking surfboard enthusiast, written by master shaper Rusty Preisendorfer, one of the art’s most precise and versatile maestros.